IEO Automated mobile phone detection system

Reserved communication protocol to meet equipment APP function upgrade

Can detect front and rear camera resolution

Screen bad point / Bright spot stripe

Gyroscope sensor、Flash lamp

Screen sensitivity

Audio volume、Signal-to-noise ratio, etc

Lower skill requirements for testing personnel

Unified testing standard

Save the human cost

1detection function

station1、Feed and read the original sensor value

station2、Forward fixed focus, rear near focus, forward white card, light sensitivity change

station3、Rear telephoto, screen detection (white screen, black screen, red screen)

station4、Backshot white card, flash, screen suck

station5、Gyroscope, compass, gravity sensing

station6、touch、3D touch

station7、Screen true or false test instrument

station8、Front/bottom MIC, earpiece, speaker

station9、Blanking and receiving test report


The multithread control design of pipelining is adopted

Supports simultaneous detection of 8 mobile phones

average 20~25S Out of a cell phone.

equipment UPH(Capacity per hour)≥ 150PCS.

3control surface

Connect the phone APP、scheduling PLC hardware、Controls camera, lighting, audio and other equipment; Allocate CPU resources to calculate the sharpness of camera and screen data, color uniformity, whether there are bright and dark spots, analyze the volume and noise of the headset speaker, etc. Is a set of multi-threaded high performance communication computing framework.

4Resolution analysis

1. Rear telephoto resolution

2. Rear zoom resolution

3. Forward resolution

4. proactive shading

5Screen analysis

1. Uniformity of screen brightness

2. Screen color uniformity

3. Screen bad spot, bright spot, bad line, stripe, stain, black blob, light transmission, light leakage, shaving

6The advantage

1.Reduce manpower and environment configuration requirements

The testing system can realize pipelin-type automatic detection of cameras, screens, audio and other testing processes, reducing the need for manual testing manpower and testing hardware environment.

2.Substitute for human eye judgment

Through the intelligent algorithm, it can identify the small flaws of the lens, screen and sound screen, instead of the human eye judgment that requires professional training. The results of each detection process can be archived and played back, and the detection results can be accurate and standardized.

3.Automatic test process control

Automatically complete the switching and control in the testing process, without manual intervention in the middle, efficient and unified testing process.

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